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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Opening Night

Thanks to everyone that put in so much of themselves for this years (con)Temporary Gallery! After multiple endless nights and heat-stricken days we all had a hard time laying down our pencils. But not the sod...and so it came to be that another wild and clandestine event full of commotion and comraderie has ended. But does it really ever stop.
The day following the show I returned to the alley to clean house. I rolled up a few dried strips of sod revealing the real gallery; broken glass, paint tips, syringes, bottle caps. In the 30 minutes I was there atleast a dozen people passed through the space. Maybe it is as buZ blurr calls 'an escape from monotony'. Or a retreat to truth or maybe just a shortcut to the grocery store. Regardless, we have packed the aisles of that space high and thick with memories for us and those passing through. Because where the paint chips the story grows.

...more images to come soon. To see more go to Reno Gazette Journal's blog or here


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