Reno's first and only free outdoor gallery. Located at 1251 S. Virginia St.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

PAINTING Wednesday 6pm till?
I'm bringing the lights, chords, boom box, paint sprayer.
You bring a roller and/or a brush.


Blogger joanne said...

so how does this work, just for unr students...or? what if i'm an ex-unr student, this is sick,,, im way stoked, i gotta go check it out (im from las vegas)

12:05 AM

Blogger administer said...

Over half the participants this year were not UNR students. But, they do make up a large contingency since that is where a large sum of working artists are found. If next year happens, I'd like to limit the participants and include more artists from outside the community.

10:25 AM


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