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Monday, May 15, 2006

First Meeting (after thoughts)

Ok, we met, we chatted, Jeff Johnson brought some proverbial words, and a couple dogs got petted. After all that, I am still not sure what was accomplished at the meeting. You probably are thinking the same thing. But atleast now we are thinking about it. Whatever it might be.

So with that I'm going to say please get on this forum and jot down your comments. Haiku, art speak, keg-fueled rant, whatever...just drop what you're feeling.

Since I don't think we got the theme hammered out I'm going to reiterate what I interpreted it to be from the meeting. The sectioned off wall will be for those opposed to a theme. So non-conformists and counter-cultuteers that's for you. For all those who want to collaborate and make some cohesion, work on the other side in the theme of 'magic/illusion'. Oh and if you don't like the theme, than Toni Ortega says you can pick, "it's either Magic or Horses." I'm guessing the sarcasm in everyone is saying, "Fuck man, horses sounds tight!" But seriously, I think the theme has a wealth of resources to tap into and I'm all about making it work. Secondly, I am for some sort of color scheme. And since our resources are this, that, and whatever else we get donated, I think we can solve it by connecting everything with a universal color. Hey, it works in the world of graffiti and graffiti is done by retards.

So as an example, I would have a blue line that weaves through my section and than when it hits Rob Brown's section it outlines it and then at Heather Fuss' seciton the blue line could come out of the wall in the form of blue died bird seed and weave through her installation and etc...It doesn't have to be blue, it doesn't have to be an outline, but just a general something that could activate everyone's work into one package. To me, it seems like a solution but again, think of something better and I'm game.

Everyone seems to have some ideas they are kicking around right now. Few were verbalized at the meeting but the ones I can recall were, Matt McDowell painting a trompe l'oeil style extension of the gallery at one of the ends. Jeff Johnson creating a (con)Temporary Gallery neon sign for the Virginia St. Side. Heather Fuss installing birdseed mannequins. Nick Larsen attaching transparent frames with drawing in laid. Me making a life-size book hinged on the wall. Chad Sorg painting explosions. Caedron Burchfield painting Mexican influened Tarot magic cards.

I'm also putting out the following disclaimer...painting is not the only option. Sometimes I feel like I emphasize the mural aspect unintentionally and pressure you guys into thinking that we've got to paint these walls. We don't have to paint the walls. We don't have to touch the walls. If sound is your thing than do sound. If performance is your deal, perform. Because there are a thousand ways we can fill in that alleyway and painting might be the most uninteresting way to do it.

I think this is a decent start and I propose that we post ideas here so no one is left in the dark. You don't have to be a member to comment on this page, but if you are a member than I can block all the spam. Also, it's free to join and to this day I haven't gotten any junk mail from my information being released. I'll also be back in June so I'll be free to meet in person. One on one or do the big meeting again. If you need to reach me you can call 775 772 2629. Until next time....

p.s. go to Anthony Alston's show Sat. June 3rd@7pm, NeverEnderGallery 350W.Liberty St. that's not an order, it's just written that way because it should be.

photo provided my Mikey Mlktoast


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EMAIL from Nick Larsen

i think color schemes and/or a single color that we all have to incorporate is the one thing that will unify the wall. i'm all for the theme, but i think even that is not enough. i know you might be uncomfortable with this, but i was also thinking that it might help if you "forced" everyone to post their idea or at least gave you an idea of what they were thinking about. then maybe you could "curate" it a bit and sort of roughly position people next to and between people in a way that makes sense. at least if everyone posted their ideas, maybe one person could see something that made sense with what they were doing, and then those two people could link up on their own. it might sound a little rigid, but i think the end product will bebetter.

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