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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Collaborative Magic 2006

Theme time. Last year we thought we could pull it off without one...and for the most part we did. However, for this next show I'd like to veer away from the 'free for all' aesthetic and move towards a nice cohesion. A collaboration if you will.

So since the general idea of the (con)temporary Gallery is transformation, this year's theme is Magic. There is a hoopla of imagery there. For a very literal example, I'm sure Rob Brown will have no problem making one of his characters pulling a million knotted hankerchiefs from his mouth. But aside from the surface there is a huge connection between what we do and that of magicians. Albeit, we are not snappy dressers as the likes of Houdini or god forbid, Mr. David Copperfield, but there is a connection. You with me.

Ok, so as of now the confirmed artists are Davis Limbaugh from Seattle, Heather Fuss, Anthony Alston, Anthony Arevalo, Brian Porray, Chad Sorg, Pete Froslie, Jeff Johnson, Derek Yost, Yale Johnson, and Ben Tedore. If you want to see your name on this list send me a 'yes'.

Until next time,

Erik Burke
Just In...
Also joining us will be Tim Smith from the UK,and Matt McDowell and Rob Brown yet again.
One more, Yale Johnson is bringing an artist from his Industrial Design school to work the installation aspect.
Even more, Ryan Mitchell and Mandie O'Connell of Implied Violence (Seattle) will be bringing their theater ensemble
down to tear the bricks off the joint. To see more about them go to
Rumor has it, I.V. theater will be accompanied by the likes of the mysterious frontman of the marching band Infernal Noise Brigade and butoh performer dk pan.

You can see more I.N.B here

and here's a few pics of dk ...


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