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Friday, June 01, 2007

Day of the Buff

6:30am: Bootleg electricity to power waffle iron
7:00am: Mel B. pours coffee and I mix some batter.
7:10am: The disappointment waffle is made for Toniortega's tardiness
7:405am: Toniortega's disappointment waffle is destroyed.
8:00am: We put the skin back on the joint with 5 gallons of free paint.
8:30am: Chase fo' Life a.k.a. the intern arrives.
9:00am: Chriscarnel smells coffee wafting out of the alley and drops by.
10:00am: Satintouch a.k.a. ep gets hype on some grant money.
10:45am: Reakto hits the snooze one last time.


Blogger Broken Crow said...

This is gonna be awesome!!

9:29 PM


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