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Monday, June 27, 2005

Idea Forum

OK, so since we have so many people participating I've received suggestions to open up some sort of forum where everyone can throw down ideas. Hopefully, this will be helpful since this year's show lacks a binding theme to bring everyone's art into one cohesive body of work.


Blogger administer said...

I had an idea of creating tree characters out of the leaves that i have been cutting into circles (using the circles like pixels kind of) and then making the trees like psychotic white trash demons running through a field of stencilled animals and like gobelling up every animal in sight. i have some other more serious ideas too, but since nobody knows what anybody else might be thinking, it hard to know what level of seriousness is appropriate. maybe we can open up like a group email forum before we start painting where people can just drop any ideas they might have, and get the "creative juices" flowing, son.

anywhat, i get to gizzo. i'll holla back later on. a-salaam a laikam.

satan touch

6:09 AM

Blogger administer said...

As I was crushing baby bird skulls and prepping the wall I had an idea for a theme. It's called "simply western' and it is anything having to do with the west and/or the fantasy of the west.

10:32 PM

Blogger administer said...

attached from email

the tree characters sound right up my alley (sorry for the pun; i'm sure
everyone's saying that shit...) 'cause you know i'm down for some
tweety-tweeting chirpy-chirping bird business. birds and cars, trees and
people, mono-chrom-a-tic. i could try doing other stuff too i guess. like
planes. or trains. anything flying (flies would be good!) or
i'll brainstorm.
but i'll like tree characters, probably.
themes? no suggestions from me


10:39 PM

Blogger administer said...

Hi Y'all,

Does anyone know of any non-ARTown events in July that have been organized specifically as an alternative to (or response to) ARTown?

Thanks for whatever info you might have,

Kris Vagner
Arts Editor
Reno News & Review
(775) 324-4440 x3514
(775) 324-4572 (fax)

As you can probably determine on your own, the (con)temporary gallery was organized as an alternative art space and since our main exhibit is every july it serves as a testiment to authentic, unbeuracratic, and spontaneous art-making.

if ArtTown ever decides to incorporate us into it's masterplan the gallery may have to rename itself the (pro)permanent gallery and quickly stick it's pinky out.


4:34 PM

Blogger organdonkey said...

yeah - i like trees - trees sounds real good - i could do a flying muledonkey - i like baloons stuck in trees too - plus if we get the railroad ties it would be a nice contrast between paintings of living trees and dead processed trees on the ground - themes are hard because everyone has to be way into it to give it their all - ideas and general icons (like foliage) make it easier for everyone to flow with their own style and purpose - like everyone will have their own kind of mythological associations with trees right - plus there's some literary reference about reno being the "city of trembling leaves" - i think we should leave it open like that -

peace,organs,and donkeys

5:03 PM

Blogger administer said...

i also had another idea for the space. i was thinking that because the walls are so close, it makes the space very different from a gallery setting. the
space between the two walls is so narrow that there can't help but be a relationship between the two walls- the space between is almost a meeting
place between two (possibly opposing) sides.

maybe we could set up a sort of binary, dialectic format not unlike the nature vs. technology idea of the first incarnation of the starbucks mural. our society is cuckoo for binary ways of thinking- man vs. woman, black vs. white, good vs. evil, with us or
against us. those ideas are also very vague and could be interpreted many different ways which i think is key when dealing with 15 different people. i
don't know if you will read this before the meeting tonight, but i thought i should send it to you before i forgot. talk to you later.

attached email from Satin touch

11:15 AM

Blogger administer said...

Just to cap this little thread off, we came up with a theme which was half-heartedly stuck to. A palette.
We used the same colors throughout, blues, and greys, playing off ideas suggesting those hues like water and air. From there people took it and did whatever, as you shall soon find out. OR I suppose as I will soon find out.

5:23 PM


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