Reno's first and only free outdoor gallery. Located at 1251 S. Virginia St.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Opening night

If you were at the CT Gallery last night than this is old news. For the misfortunate few who missed the opening please peruse the following photos closely because the cinderellic space has sadly morphed back into its static alley state.

On opening night a crowd gathered in the freshly sodded space on S. Virginia. I had never seen an event so packed and if I learned anything from this opening it is that if you want to give the illusion of a kick-ass party than minimize the size of the space.

In this case a ten foot wide alley was just perfect. But regardless of size I was seriouisly amazed at the turnout, which was close to 100 at the peak.

Another cheap trick to pull off a good opening is to build a skate ramp unlike any ramp that you have ever seen. In fact the skate ramp turned out to be the most watched and used piece of art in the entire show. Referring to the laws of erikology which state that good art makes the viewer have to experience it, mostly thought touch. And secondly, that it needs to not assume the role of art. So when you build a wall to wall mini with no flat bottom and 6 inches of vert, you don't make the mistake of calling it a a site-specific sculptural installation. You don't call it anything. That's the job of your audience.

photos by Jane Johnson forwarded to me by Yale Johnsom slowly completing the cyber road trip in less 24 hours. More to come soon.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Wall Update

Driving to S.F. to pick up the flyers and Ascend. So far the alley has seen the exterior decorative skills of Nick Blades, Borg, Derek Yost, Valerie Bischoff, Brian Porray, Josh Yoches, Erik Burke, and Sleepytime Collaborative. Pars is flying in on Wednesday and Chris Carnel is printing up a storm. New work coming quickly.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

First Meeting, Sunday, July 3rd 8pm

Meeting tonight (Sunday july 3rd) at 8pm in the alley gallery. It may be appropriate to come with switchblades,
brass nuckles, broken bottles, mace, etc. We are meeting downtown, in an alley, at night after all.
Just kidding, Hopefully kidding, Fuck this was a dumb post.