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Thursday, July 19, 2007

update of work

Labrona, John Grider, and Veks watch from the roof of (con)Temporary Gallery as the city goes up in flames.

Two days away and a lot of work is getting put down. Sleepytime is making rounds of the neighborhood collecting for the time capsules, I.V. is constructing their performance playground, and a lot of paint is getting spent. Long nights and hot wind. Chillaxing season is over. See you Saturday night!

pics by craig gutter gold digga

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Gallery Participants,

It's an exhibition of the habitually talented. This Saturday is this year's version of the [Con] Artists' payoff. Even now, in the wee hours of the morn, the bristles of brushes flick, the spray cans clack, and the finishing touches are being added to the monstrous mural that the alleyway has become. Tonight, most of them will be resting their tired minds and bodies on the roof of an alley building, commencing a Sleepy Time affair. It has been a wondrous experience to sit and view the production of this impressive gallery. I got to view all the different styles, see the forming of beautiful creations, learn what I could from watching , and meet the people behind all those layers of paint. For me, it's pretty much like main-lining inspiration and passion. You can only love an environment where on occasion you'll have an announcer type in a suit (velvet perhaps?) offer you strawberry swirl ice cream. I can only give my admiration to the talented deviants and thank them for allowing me to view what I have been so lucky to witness.

The Colorado Kid,
Nick Powell

2:21 AM

Blogger E T C said...

"Oly Shmokes"


one week of havoc wreaked
Thnk You all so much.

Hailing from the-----
/\/\/\ ... MW ... /\/\/\


4:23 PM

Blogger davisconfused said...

i see that i missed something extra special. wish i could have been a part of it again this year. but we can't do everything right? i miss all you reno champs and i'll be back around there before too long. don't you worry.

12:27 AM


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